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Building A Career at Vulcan

Since 2013, Vulcan has had 216 individuals work in the Operations Management Development program. Through this program, Vulcan is cultivating a diverse talent pipeline of the next-generation leaders. The operations management trainees at Vulcan are exposed to all areas of the business.

“Working in the quarry is unlike any other job,” said Operations Trainee Daniel Gonzalez. “I float around and learn every aspect of the company, from working in the plant to working in the pit to behind the scenes in procurement, supplying stuff.”

Left: Operations Trainee Anthony Caldwell talks with mining engineer João Comiskey Antunes. Right: Operations Trainee Daniel Gonzalez meets with his supervisor at Stockbridge Quarry. 

The main purpose of the development program is to prepare the individual for a lead role in plant operations. The program is approximately 12 – 24 months in duration depending on the competency and experience level of the individual. Upon successful completion of the training program, the individual will gain the competencies required to assume a lead or supervisor role in operations.  “You learn every aspect of the company, that way whenever you move on to another level you kind of know everything that you have to know to work here,” said Operations Trainee Anthony Caldwell.

Everyone needs rock so when I can get up every day, every morning and know that what I’m doing is supplying something that is always going to be needed. That’s a big deal,” said Operations Trainee Blake Hart. But learning the company and the industry doesn’t come without hard work. “ It teaches you a lot of patience,” said Operations Trainee Reece Evans.

Left: Operations Trainee Reece Evans. Right: Operations Trainees Manny McDowell and Ron Gritzer. 

Operation Trainees are able to come in every day and face a new challenge and learn something new. While that makes the job worthwhile, some operations trainees say the real benefit of working at Vulcan is the culture. “The people here really make a difference,” said Operations Trainee Ron Gritzer. “The best people you could ask to work with. Everybody’s friendly and everybody gets along.” Ron’s fellow Operations Trainee, Manny McDowell had the same sentiment. “Honestly, I love the people here. It’s a fun environment to come to work every day,” McDowell said.

The Operations Management Development program is a great opportunity for young employees to get started in aggregates industry and build it into a career. “As soon as you sign up, Vulcan is going to give you more than you want, unlimited opportunity,” said Operations Trainee Nate Peters. “This company will build you up and give you the tools that you need to really become successful and feel confident in your career path.”

Left: Operations Trainee Daniel Gonzalez. Right: Former Operations Trainee, now Plant Manager Nate Peters.