Vulcan’s commitment to our people has played a key role in the ongoing success and growth of our company throughout our long history. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of mutual respect, integrity, teamwork and trust among the more than 9,000 members of the Vulcan family.

Our people share a competitive drive to be the best and do the right thing. The result is strong employee engagement that puts Vulcan in the top 10% in our most recent McKinsey & Company Organizational Health Index cycle (2017), which benchmarked Vulcan against over 5 million respondents from 1,700 companies.



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We strive for a more diverse and inclusive workforce. While we have made progress, we have more work to do. We believe that our continued investment in people and our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will help us attract, grow and retain the best talent possible.

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Building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

At Vulcan, we value the unique backgrounds and experiences of each of our employees. We treat people fairly and with respect. We strive to maintain an environment that encourages our people to develop their talents, exercise creativity and achieve superior performance. We create an environment that leverages different styles, ideas and perspectives for efficiency, productivity and innovation.

  • Since 2013, we have more than doubled the number of diverse Division and Corporate officers.
  • 36% of our Board of Directors are diverse.
  • 38% of our workforce is diverse.

Although Vulcan had always been mindful of diversity, equity and inclusion, in 2015, we escalated and formalized our efforts with the launch of our corporate Diversity and Inclusion Council. The Council developed a five-year strategy to continue strengthening diversity and inclusion through recruiting, training and dialogue at Vulcan. While we have made progress, we have more work to do. We believe that our continued investment in people and our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will help us attract, grow and retain the best talent possible.

Our efforts in 2019 included:

Fostering an Environment of Diversity and Inclusion

Workforce Racial/Ethnic Diversity (2019)

More than 50% of Salaried Employees are Women

Salaried Non-Exempt Employees by Gender (2019)

Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Building strategic partnerships with HBCUs funded through the Vulcan Foundation and company funds to recruit talented minority students for internships and management training roles across our company.

Preparing our future leaders

We are cultivating the next generation of leaders through our training and professional development programs.


Diversity of Board of Directors



Workforce Diversity


More than 2x

Increase in Division & Corporate Officer Diversity

Since 2013


Diversity of New Hires



Veterans Employed (Self-Identified)


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Grant to Support Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)





At the Corona Quarry, Earl Ochs, a 25-year Vulcan employee known as a safety superstar, has been mentoring Matias and vowed to teach him everything he knows about the business.

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We invest in the growth and development of our employees.

We support the growth of our people through supervisory, management and leadership development and mentoring programs, continuing education opportunities. We also encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable engagements that are personally enriching and are in many cases further supported by the Vulcan Materials Company Foundation.

We believe that lifelong learning and continuing education are essential and encourage our people to expand and explore their capabilities for continued growth and development. Our training and development programs encourage collaboration and enable people to innovate and flourish on the job and in the community.

Our professional and personal growth initiatives include:

  • Providing a Tuition Reimbursement Program that pays up to 100% of tuition costs based on academic performance.
  • Encouraging personal and professional growth through a mentoring program, which has graduated more than 1,900 employees since 2005.
  • Preparing future senior-level leaders through our Leadership Development Program in partnership with the Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  • Encouraging employees to be actively engaged in the civic life and affairs of their communities through service to charitable, civic and education organizations.

Our performance management process includes Quarterly Performance Dialogues for our salaried employees, Annual Performance Reviews for our hourly non-union employees, and a focus on behavior-based SMART goals review and refinement. This fosters a healthy culture of openness and ease of feedback that promotes both professional and personal development.

We have also expanded the scope of our programs to encompass the health of all of our people, not just those at our production operations. We believe that employee well-being is materially enhanced when everyone is given the opportunity to excel in every facet of their lives: physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Our assistance includes an Employee Assistance Program that offers coaching, behavioral and work-life support.

41% of Our Employees Have 10+ Years

Employees by Tenure (2019)

We Have a Strong, Multi-Generational Workforce

Employees by Age (2019)

Lifelong learning and continuing education

We encourage our people to expand and explore their capabilities for continued growth and development.

On the job and in the Community

Fred Cloninger has worked with us for 32 years. He’s a shop supervisor and the Mayor of Ellerbe, North Carolina.





Years Average Tenure



New Hires



Employee Training Hours



Interns Hired



Operations and Sales Trainees Hired



401k Employee Participation Rate



South Carolina



We hold all of our employees to the highest ethical standards. The Vulcan Code of Ethics and comprehensive Business Conduct Policy provide clear guidance for our employees.

Understanding and ensuring the fundamental rights of our people.

Vulcan has a longstanding commitment to the equitable and fair treatment of all people, respecting their dignity and fundamental rights regardless of race, gender, color or creed. We are dedicated to being a good global corporate citizen and to conducting day-to-day business in alignment with this commitment.

Our commitments to ensure the fundamental rights of our people include:

  • Maintaining a Fair Employment Policy that ensures equal employment opportunity and a discrimination-free workplace.
  • Supporting a self-represented work force and maintaining an open-door policy, encouraging employees to air any issues or grievances in order to resolve workplace disputes in a healthy and lawful fashion.
  • Respecting employees’ right to join labor organizations or to not join such organizations, and the freedom to bargain collectively as determined by employees, without coercion, interference, retaliation, or harassment, in compliance with all applicable laws. In instances where employees are represented by a legally recognized union, Vulcan bargains in good faith with union representatives and is committed to maintaining a constructive dialogue.

We hold all of our employees to the highest ethical standards. The Vulcan Code of Ethics and comprehensive Business Conduct Policy provide clear guidance for our employees.

Our key ethics policies and programs include:

  • Maintaining a Business Conduct Hotline to address any ethics complaints, whistleblower concerns or personnel issues where protection of confidentiality is an issue.
  • Requiring senior executives to complete the Company’s Business Conduct questionnaire every year.
  • Providing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) training for all employees, both domestic and international, and all consultants for the Company who deal with business matters in countries beyond the borders of the United States. Trainees must certify complete compliance with the law as set forth in the FCPA.
  • Maintaining a workplace free from violence, harassment, intimidation, and other unsafe or disruptive conditions due to internal and external threats.
  • Ensuring that all employees are able to work in an environment that is free from harassment, which is defined as any conduct that threatens, intimidates, or coerces another person. Vulcan does not tolerate harassment, whether committed by a coworker, a manager, or a non-employee.
  • Requiring employees at all locations and levels to avoid any act or actions, implied or explicit, that may suggest any form of harassment of any other person within the workplace. This includes their interactions with contractors, vendors, consultants, customers, and other non-employees such as visitors. See our Sexual Harassment Policy and Unlawful Harassment and Anti-Retaliation Policy.
  • Supporting mechanisms for employee grievances and resolution of disputes in a manner designed to protect employee privacy, allowing for anonymous reporting, and protecting the employee against retaliation.
  • Managing an Employee Assistance Fund (in partnership with the United Way) to help employees with special near-term financial needs as a result of natural disasters or family crisis.
  • Maintaining compliance with all applicable data privacy laws.
  • Responsibly collecting, processing, and transferring personal information in accordance with the principles and obligations set forth in the Company’s Privacy Policy, unless it conflicts with stricter requirements of local law, in which case local law will prevail.

Our people are proud of their company and of the jobs they do, as evidenced by the continued top rankings for employee satisfaction at Vulcan. Our culture is embodied in what we call The Vulcan Way, which calls on our people to do the right things, the right way at all times, working constructively in support of one another to fulfill the mission and values of the company. We believe that in this way we will continue the healthy growth of our business, while also being responsive to the needs of our many stakeholders.

Protecting Employee Privacy

We support mechanisms for employee grievances and dispute resolutions in a manner designed to protect employee privacy, allow for anonymous reporting, and protect the employee against retaliation.

Respecting People's Rights

We support a safe work environment that is free from harassment. Vulcan does not tolerate harassment, whether committed by a coworker, a manager, or a non-employee.


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