We have a responsibility to one another, our families, neighbors and communities. Our promise goes beyond regulatory compliance and is reinforced through the everyday actions of our people. Their expertise, dedication and innovation make us a longtime industry leader with proven performance.



One look at Vulcan’s advanced ready-mix fleet and it becomes clear that safety is the #1 priority at Vulcan

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Safety drives and reinforces every action we take.

Rooted in strong leadership and training, we strive for a workplace that’s free of injuries and accidents. Vulcan’s comprehensive safety programs lead the industry. We prioritize a safe work culture in recruiting and hiring people who are as committed to safety as we are.

Our safety culture depends on teams and individuals committed to working together to create and maintain a workplace that’s free of hazards for everyone. We prevent accidents through ongoing training, innovation and:

  • Actively engaging all employees.
  • Thoroughly inspecting our facilities for hazards.
  • Providing the proper tools and equipment to do the job safely.
  • Reporting “near misses” to help teams learn from incidents that were almost accidents.
  • Pairing tenured employees with new hires to share their institutional experience and knowledge of plant sites, equipment and situations.   
  • Deploying new technology in our mobile equipment and ready mix truck fleets.

With oversight from our Board of Directors and safety teams at the Corporate, Division and facility levels, our commitment to safety has resulted in a record that outperforms industry averages. In 2017, we achieved the best MSHA/OSHA safety record of our 60-year history, a world-class performance. Our 2018 safety performance was even better, with 0.92 MSHA/OSHA injuries per 200,000 employee work hours.


Consistently Lower Than the Industry

MSHA Reportable Injury Rate

Significantly Lower Than the Industry

MSHA Citation Rate

Significantly Decreasing Since 2009

MSHA Reportable & OSHA Recordable Injury Rate

Mentorship Program

We pair tenured employees with new hires to share their institutional experience and knowledge of plant sites, equipment and situations.

118,400 Hours

Safety & Health Training Delivered



Safety & Health Audits Conducted



MSHA Inspections With Zero Citations


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29 Years

1M+ Hours Worked, Zero Lost-Time Accidents

Corona Stone

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Near-Miss Incidents Reported



Vulcan Facilities With ZERO Lost-Time Injuries



Reportable/Recordable Injury Per 200,000 Hours Worked




Southern & Gulf Coast

Video exposure monitoring backpacks are used at Vulcan facilities to help identify potential high-risk activity in real time, preventing issues before they happen.

Continually innovating to protect employee health.

Decades ago, Vulcan was the first company in the industry to launch a comprehensive occupational health and industrial hygiene program. The initiative set the industry benchmark by monitoring employee exposure to dust and noise and offering routine medical screenings.

Today, we recognize that total well-being occurs when individuals are given the opportunity to excel in every facet of their lives: physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. We are focused on creating opportunities for individuals to live their best lives and do their best work:

  • Developing a cross-discipline Wellness Committee to facilitate a holistic approach to employee health.
  • Offering routine on-site medical screenings to monitor employee exposure to dust and noise.
  • Identifying potential high-risk activities using video exposure monitoring backpacks that collect real-time data from employees while on the job. Developed in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the program detects issues before they happen.
  • Driving our goal to eliminate noise-induced hearing loss, our hearing protection program includes extensive employee measurement and training. It’s a data-driven approach that’s been honored by NIOSH and the National Hearing Conservation Association.
  • Encouraging stretching and other exercises at the beginning of shifts to help warm-up the body and prevent injuries.
  • Providing holistic Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits that provide coaching, work-life and behavioral support.

Not only do we have healthy employees and exposure levels well below state and federal safety limits and industry averages, but we’re building a positive culture that promotes and encourages a healthy workplace for all of our people.

Consistently Near 100% Participation

Employee Participation in Voluntary Occupational Health Screening

10-Year Average: 98.7% Within Standard

MSHA Respirable Dust/Silica Exposure Sampling

10-Year Average: 97.3% Within Standard

MSHA Noise Exposure Sampling

Employee Wellness Committee

We're developing cross-discipline committees to facilitate a holistic approach to employee health.

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Vulcan Highlights


Mideast Division

Safety & Health

COVID-19 Safety in Virgina

Henry is a ready mix truck driver in Virginia. He and his team are working together to keep each other safe and healthy while serving their customers. Thank you Henry!


West Broadway

Mountain West Division

Safety & Health

West Broadway Water Truck

Good evening from West Broadway Sand & Gravel in Phoenix. Our water truck is on the job, helping protect air quality.

Safety & Health

Safe and Healthy Together

We're very proud of our people for keeping each other safe and healthy. Even with the new challenges brought on by COVID-19, we experienced fewer injuries in Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019. Thank you, Vulcan Family, for improving on your world-class safety record, staying focused on superior safety and health performance. You’re doing a great job under difficult circumstances.

Safety & Health

Safe Together

We all have the responsibility to look out for one another and to set good examples in safety and health at work, at home, and in our communities. We're proud of how our people are taking extra precautions to protect one another by adding new COVID-19 health practices to our industry-leading safety and health programs. Thank you to our Vulcan Family!

Safety & Health

Healthy Together

The health and safety of our people guide our decisions. We'll continue to follow CDC and state and local guidance for preventing the transmission of COVID-19 while we serve our customers and supply critical infrastructure projects. We're practicing social distancing, using good hygiene practices, cleaning frequently touched surfaces and adjusting work plans to keep everyone healthy. We will continue to work with our employees to keep them and their families healthy and safe, including offering up to two weeks of paid COVID-19 leave if they or someone in their household is diagnosed with COVID-19 or if they were exposed based on CDC criteria and are awaiting test results. Thank you to our Vulcan Family!

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Environmental Stewardship

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