Safety is a core tenet of Vulcan’s culture. We strive to ensure a safe and healthy workplace that also promotes the well-being of our employees, contractors and communities. Our entire organization is committed to ensuring that our people return home as healthy and safe as when they left for work.


2020 Highlights

Our Safety & Health teams worked quickly and tirelessly to develop new COVID-19 protocols to keep our people safe. Vulcan’s procurement teams secured the personal protective equipment and supplies that our operators needed. We made a decision early in the pandemic, before federal action was taken, to provide a minimum of 80 hours of COVID-19 paid leave for people who were diagnosed with the virus or exposed and needing to quarantine, and to those taking care of a loved one with the illness.

We also achieved a record overall MSHA/OSHA safety performance of 0.88 injuries per 200,000 employee hours worked, which is both industry-leading and considered world-class. Notwithstanding this record, we deeply regret that three Vulcan employees lost their lives on the job in 2020. These tragic deaths are a permanent reminder and challenge for all of us as we work hard throughout our company to meet our goal of zero accidents. We know it is achievable, as 92% of our facilities finished the year with no lost-time injuries. Our Sac-Tun operation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, has just reached a remarkable 5.25 million work hours without a lost-time injury.

Our safety goal is zero accidents and injuries.



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Safety drives and reinforces every action we take.

Our safety culture, programs and initiatives.

Our safety culture is reinforced through policies, management systems and day-to-day practices that hold us all accountable for health and safety. Our safety culture relies on teams and individuals committed to working together to create and maintain a workplace where potential hazards are managed and controlled.

We prioritize a safe work culture in recruiting and hiring new employees, seeking out people who are as committed to safety as we are. We hold our third-party vendors, suppliers, contractors and on-site tenants to the same high safety and health standards that guide our people every day and we work to enable them to adhere to our standards.

The Safety, Health & Environment Committee of our Board of Directors, along with the full Board, has oversight responsibility for our safety and health program and results. Ongoing management responsibility for all safety, health and environmental initiatives is guided by our Safety, Health & Environment Management Committee, which is made up of the senior leadership team along with other key senior personnel from cross-functional operations and staff disciplines.

In striving for a workplace that is free of accidents and injuries, we have continued to build our safety culture through strong leadership, ongoing training and an emphasis on safe workplace behaviors.


Consistently Lower Than the Industry

MSHA Reportable Injury Rate

Significantly Lower Than the Industry

MSHA Citation Rate

Significantly Decreasing Since 2011

MSHA Reportable & OSHA Recordable Injury Rate

Sharing, Teaching and Learning to be Safe

We pair tenured employees with newer hires to share institutional experience and knowledge of plant sites, equipment and situations.


of 516 Facilities with ZERO Lost-Time Injuries



Reportable/Recordable Injury Per 200k Hours Worked



Hours of Safety & Health Training Delivered



Safety & Health Audits Conducted



MSHA Inspections with Zero Citations



Near-Miss Incidents Reported



Occupational health and industrial hygiene.

As the first company in the U.S. aggregates industry to launch a comprehensive occupational health and industrial hygiene program more than 40 years ago, our early initiatives set the industry standard with programs that monitored employee exposure to noise and dust while also providing routine medical screenings. We continue our industry leadership in occupational health and industrial hygiene today, keeping employees healthy and exposure levels well below state and federal safety limits and industry averages.

Our commitment to employee health and well-being is built on:

  • Industrial health and hygiene programs designed and implemented to make sure that noise and dust exposure levels are well below state and federal regulations and industry averages.
  • Providing routine on-site medical surveillance to monitor employee exposure to dust and noise.
  • Identifying and managing potential high-risk activities and workplace hazards using video exposure-monitoring backpacks that collect real-time data from employees on-the-job. This initiative was developed by Vulcan in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).
  • A data-driven hearing protection program developed by Vulcan that includes extensive employee testing and training. The program has been singled out by NIOSH and the National Hearing Conservation Association as best-in-class.

Our industrial hygiene programs were suspended due to COVID-19 in 2020 but have resumed in 2021.

Consistently Near 100% Participation

Employee Participation in Voluntary Occupational Health Screening

10-Year Average: 98.6% Within Standard

MSHA Respirable Dust/Silica Exposure Sampling

10-Year Average: 97.3% Within Standard

MSHA Noise Exposure Sampling

Identifying and Managing Potential High-risk Activities

We use technology to help identify potential high-risk activities and prevent issues before they happen.


Safety & Health News

Safety & Health

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Electronic Inspections Initiative

Luke Rabon, an Operations Management Trainee, is spearheading an electronic inspections initiative at Vulcan’s Medina plant.

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Vulcan Highlights

Safety & Health

National Work Zone Awareness Week

On behalf of our Vulcan team members in construction and all of our customers across the country, this National Work Zone Awareness Week: please slow down in work zones, minimize distractions, watch out for workers and obey posted signs. Let’s keep everyone safe.



Southeast Division

Safety & Health

Partners for Safety

Our Team at Grayson Quarry outside Atlanta hosted the Gwinnett County Fire Department to familiarize first responders with the site to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an emergency. Lunch was also on the agenda to celebrate a great partnership.


Southern & Gulf Coast Division

Safety & Health

Shot of the Day

Big toys, big transport. Stopping for a safety check while hauling a CAT 775G off-highway truck.

Safety & Health

National Safety Month

This National Safety Month we’d like to recognize our 8,700+ employees for their commitment to ensuring that our people return home as healthy and safe as when they left for work. Together, we strive for a workplace that is free of accidents and injuries. That is our goal, and we know it is achievable.

Safety & Health

Construction Safety Week

Join the Vulcan family in celebrating Construction Safety Week

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Environmental Stewardship

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