Safety & Health

Vulcan’s COVID-19 Response

  • Safety & Health

Together, we have a responsibility to one another, our families, neighbors and communities. We have maintained our commitment to our employees to ensure a safe and healthy workplace throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a team, our entire organization from human resources, operations, sales, information technology, dispatch and community and government relations are working  tirelessly to support one another.

And because of the ongoing dedication and actions taken by our people, we have been able to continue operations as an essential business, supplying vital materials for much-needed infrastructure projects, the construction of which have kept many Americans employed during this challenging period.

In March 2020, Vulcan’s management team mobilized quickly to the emerging threats posed by the pandemic, taking a number of early actions to protect employees and their families and limit the spread of the virus while still conducting the essential work of the business.

Our preventative health and safety actions include: 

  • Supporting work from home (WFH) for our office-based employees, sales representatives and logistics service center teams
  • Adding CDC-recommended measures to our safety protocols including social distancing, hygiene and health screening protocols for employees whose work requires a physical presence at our operations and in the field. 
  • Although all office locations are on WFH status, at office spaces such as our headquarters building in Birmingham we have installed sanitary nanotechnology coverings on frequently touched surfaces, additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, and social distance markings on floors. We are also conducting temperature screenings for all persons entering the building. 
  • Deploying training and maintaining ongoing communications for all employees.
  • Maintaining a COVID-19 information web portal for our employees, customers, logistics and haulers, vendors and suppliers to keep everyone informed, safe and healthy while conducting critical business. 
  • Providing up to 80 hours of COVID-19 paid leave, prior to government requirements to do so.

 As the pandemic evolves, we are continuing to work with our employees to address the challenges they face during this crisis and provide for their overall well-being. Our human resources teams are working with employees to help accommodate the pressing demands on families including juggling new challenges posed by childcare, schooling and family health issues. We are continually evaluating our work-from-home status and will provide employees ample advance notice before asking for a return to the office.

Just as our people have been impacted by the pandemic, our communities and neighbors are facing ongoing challenges. As our teams step up to assist in natural disasters, we are leveraging the Vulcan Materials Company Foundation to assist schools, teachers, students and parents coping with the strains caused by the pandemic. This has included providing Foundation and company funds and supplies to food banks, nursing home and mental health organizations, organizations that provide meals to health care workers while supporting local restaurants, as well as to other charitable organizations in our communities that are helping the many people who have lost critical resources as a result of the pandemic. As of August 2020, we have provided more than $300,000 in support and other services.

We are also adapting and innovating how we do business during this time. Some of our major accomplishments include the launch of our new ready mix customer digital platform ( to securing local and state approvals on greenfield and expansion projects on the east coast.

Employee health and the wellbeing of all of our stakeholders will continue to guide our decisions as we move forward. While we cannot predict the next turn, we know one thing for certain — the power of more than 9,000 people living The Vulcan Way.