Environmental Stewardship

Long-term environmental strategy certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council

  • Environmental Stewardship

SAC-TUN, our operation near Playa del Carmen, Mexico, has earned another recognition from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). In December 2020, the SAC-TUN Environmental Strategy as part of its Mesoamerican Reef Biodiversity and Environmental Services Conservation program, was certified by WHC.

This certification recognizes SAC-TUN’s specific efforts and commitment to environmental conservation both on the company’s properties and within the region.

At SAC-TUN, the focus is on using natural resources and raw materials responsibly, in addition to safeguarding biodiversity through a variety of conservation efforts on its properties and throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. We collaborate with civil society organizations, educational and research institutions, and local, state and federal authorities to protect nature and water resources, in addition to mitigating the impacts of its operations.

In 2016, the SAC-TUN tree nursery received the prestigious WHC Species of Concern Project Award — which recognizes excellence in corporate conservation – for the team’s efforts to save species protected by Mexican wildlife legislation, as well as for our long-term commitment to environmental conservation.