SAC-TUN implements COVID-19 Rapid Response Program

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When COVID-19 hit, it changed the way business was done. Interactions, both personally and professionally, were done in a different way. The working environment and our day-to-day activities were changed.

SAC-TUN, our operation near Playa del Carmen, Mexico, launched a COVID-19 Rapid Response Program which included a range of measures to safeguard people’s health and safety and ensure responsible business continuity.

As an essential service, SAC-TUN continued operating and focused on rapidly adapting to the circumstances, implementing a range of specific measures to avoid the spread of the virus based on both federal and state guidelines.

Some of the measures taken included the creation of a permanent Response Committee, the drafting and implementation of COVID-19 protocols, ongoing internal communication and training, safety measures and safe spaces and a response plan to contain, mitigate and eliminate outbreaks.

In addition, we supported communities in Cozumel, Solidaridad and Othón P. Blanco through donations of personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals, specialist equipment for hospitals and pantries and food supplies.