Upcoming Campus Recruiting Events

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Nine years ago, Ryan Pettyjohn visited one of our facilities as a Cub Scout. Recently, he completed a summer college internship with us, realizing a dream that was sparked during that Cub Scout tour.

If you share the dream, we’d love to meet you at an upcoming college career visit.

Check out the schedule:

August 29: University of Nevada – Reno

September 4 & 5: Texas A&M University

September 4-6: Virginia Tech (College of Business)

September 10: Colorado School of Mines

September 11: Georgia Southern University

September 11-13: West Virginia University (College of Engineering and Mineral Resources)

September 12: Michigan State University

September 16: New Mexico Tech

September 17: Chattahoochee Technical College

September 17: Kennesaw State University

September 17: Auburn University (College of Engineering)

September 17: University of Arizona

September 18: Texas Tech

September 19: Chico State University

September 23: Florida International University

September 24: University of Georgia

September 24: University of South Carolina

September 24: Missouri University of Science and Technology

September 24: University of Alabama – Birmingham

September 25: Clemson University

September 25: University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa

September 26: University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa (College of Engineering)

September 26: University of Alabama – Birmingham

September 26: Texas State University

October 2: Miami University

October 2: University of Alabama – Birmingham (STEM)

October 3: Florida Gulf Coast University

October 3: University of North Florida

October 9: Fresno State University

October 17: Alabama A&M University

October 23 & 24: University of Kentucky

October 24 & 25: Mississippi State University

October 26: Tuskeegee University

Diversity and inclusion is important to Vulcan’s future. Our vision is a diverse and inclusive culture that fosters a positive work environment that enables us to attract, grow and retain the best talent.

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