Highlights: Environmental Stewardship



Western Division

Environmental Stewardship

Feathery Friends

Providing a home for our feathery friends. With 285 acres of wetlands and open water habitat as well as over 30 nest boxes, birds flock to Pleasanton Sand & Gravel, one of our 40+ Wildlife Habitat Council certified sites.


Southeast Division

Environmental Stewardship

Tiger Creek Mitigation Bank

Check out our Tiger Creek Mitigation Bank in Lake Wales, FL. Working with state and federal conservation agencies and organizations, we established this 400-acre home for local threatened species including the sand skink, bluetail mole skink and gopher tortoise.



Southern & Gulf Coast Division

Environmental Stewardship

Gurley Wins Top NSSGA Award

Building a bridge on the property to protect wetlands and Hurricane Creek, which runs through the facility, led to winning the National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association (NSSGA) 2017 Environmental Excellence Platinum Award.


Edsall Road

Mideast Division

Environmental Stewardship

Ready Mix Fleet Reduces CO2 Emissions

Since 2016, Ready Mixed Concrete has been retrofitted with a proprietary product called Carbon Cure to reduce CO2 emissions. So far, Vulcan can document reduction of more than 2 million pounds of CO2 – equivalent to over 2 million vehicle miles.



Western Division

Environmental Stewardship

New Conveyor Reduces Vehicle Emissions

A conveyor system bridge is being built for the Kings Canyon Road project. The system will improve safety, reduce vehicle emissions and relieve traffic congestion by transporting an estimated 800,000 tons of material from the yard over the highway to the job site.

Environmental Stewardship

Vulcan's Waste Management Program

Vulcan practices recycling a majority of materials that otherwise would be managed as a waste material. This includes the recycling of light bulbs, batteries, used oil and oil filters, antifreeze/coolant, and petroleum contaminated materials as alternative fuels.

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