Highlights: Safety & Health



Southwest Division

Safety & Health


San Antonio Fire Department Tours Huebner Quarry

In March 2017, 40 first responders from San Antonio Fire Department took a tour and discussed safety protocols with Vulcan employees, such as confined space concerns and practice rescues that could help in the event of a crisis.



Western Division

Safety & Health

Sampling Asphalt for Standardized Testing

Approximately 800 samples will be used for standardized testing of 1/2" rubber asphalt. Partnering with Caltrans for this round robin test, they were impressed with Vulcan’s commitment to safety.


Central Division

Safety & Health


Vulcan Excels at Southeast Region Mine Rescue

The Florida Mine Safety Program (FMSP) held its Inaugural Surface Mining Emergency Response Training and Competition. Two Mine Rescue teams were sent to compete in the mine rescue contest and won 1st Place Overall Champion.

North Carolina


Mideast Division

Safety & Health


Rescue Drills at North Quarry

Winston-Salem Fire Station #14 crew was welcomed in for a rescue drill. Members of the WSFD worked with Vulcan’s rescue crew to reenact emergency rescue scenarios for learning and practice.

Safety & Health

X Marks the Spot

The X Marks the Spot initiative encourages employees to stop and think: could it happen to me? On a quarterly basis, teams go out to where an injury occurred, marked with the X Marks the Spot sign, to discusses what went wrong.